Saturday, September 28, 3:00-4:00pm

Augustana Lutheran Church

Photo Credit: Hiroshi Takaoka

Photo Credit: Hiroshi Takaoka

The HAMID DRAKE AND ADAM RUDOLPH DUET traces its beginning to a chance encounter between two fourteen-year-old aspiring percussionists in a downtown Chicago drum shop. Their shared love for rhythms and music of the world, and music’s relationship to matters of the spirit, has taken them around the world and led to years of shared creative journeys. In the mid-1970s, they performed and recorded with AACM co-founder Fred Anderson, and in 1977 they joined Foday Musa Suso in founding Mandingo Griot Society, one of the first groups to combine African and American music. By 1978, they were touring Europe with Don Cherry and since then have performed together in projects with Yusef Lateef, Pharaoh Sanders, Hassan Hakmoun, Hu: Vibrational, and Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures. Their Chicago roots and longtime global music research and performing experience have allowed them to forge a uniquely shared musical understanding and creative outlook. Drake once encapsulated their reciprocal influence by saying, “I have been developing a hand-drum concept on the drum set, while Adam says he is developing a drum-set concept on his hand drums. We understand one another.” After over forty years of music making together, this is their first tour as a duet.

With their new KARUNA duet, Drake and Rudolph bring their unique and evolved rhythm languages to the fore, reaching to inspire any audience through spirited dialogue. The name Karuna reflects the duo’s ongoing research into the connection of the inner life to musical expression, and speaks to the idea of creative action as a gesture of compassion.

The musicians:

Hamid Drake (drum kit, vocal, frame drums, bata, tabla, percussion); Adam Rudolph (handrumset (kongos, djembe, tarija, zabumba), thumb pianos, sintir, multiphonic vocal, percussion, electronic processing)