Juan Pastor’s Chinchano

Sunday, September 29, 5:00-6:00pm

West Stage at Midway Plaisance & Ellis Ave.

Pastor, Juan Chinchano_edit.png

Drummer/percussionist and composer JUAN PASTOR finds himself caught between two homes: his native Lima, Peru, and the city where he has lived for the past thirteen years, Chicago. As a result, both his original compositions and the sound of his ensemble, CHINCHANO, draw life from deep sources: Peru’s enchantingly diverse culture, history, landscapes, and folk music, and the language of North American Jazz. Pastor has captured this complex, emotional juxtaposition on his new recording, “El Regreso (The Return),” featuring Chinchano’s uniquely impassioned sound, which blends nostalgic Peruvian melodies and electrifying South American percussion rhythms with the North American Jazz harmonies and Chicago blues aesthetic.

The musicians:

Tito Carrillo (trumpet); Stu Mindeman (piano); Rich Moore (alto saxophone); Patrick Mulcahy (bass); Juan Pastor (drums and cajon);

Special Guest: Victor Gonzalez (congas)